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      Im 13 years old and 12 weeks pregnant. I am pregnant to my best friends boyfriend and she thinks i am pregnant to my ex.
      I told my mum and she told me to leave so at the moment im staying with a friend who doesnt know. im really lost i dont know what to do where to go??
      anyone have any helpfull advice or your even jus able to talk????


        If you need to talk about anything go ahead! I will always listen and answer.


          If you ever need to talk, I’m always here 🙂


            i just have no idea what im goin to do.
            I told my mum and she told me to get out so now im staying with a mate who i cant tell and im starting to get morning sickness and im in my first year at highschool i just dont know what to do.


              you need to be honest with your friend… because the truth will come out sooner or later and I dont think that she should be hearing something like this from someone else. As to how she’s going to react… who knows? I think that you risked your friendship by sleeping with her bf and you’ll have to risk it again by being honest with her.
              Your mom needs time to cool down, have you spoken to her recently since she asked you to move out?



                That’s quite a predicament you have. The first thing you should do is to look for help with people who can really help you. People who will listen is a good start but people who can give you the concrete help that you need is more necessary.

                I know that you’re so afraid to talk about this to older people (I just turned 40 ten days ago) but you really need to. Try to go to your church or find a convent of nuns. Nuns normally get a bad rap but they really are very, very warm people who got into religious life because they love the Lord and all those that He loves. There are a lot of religious orders who will even take you in and allow you to live with them when no one else will. They will do this even if you aren’t at all Catholic.

                Another option is for you to approach a guidance counselor at your school. Believe it or not, yours is not the first case like this and they will have some options for you.

                Is abortion an option? Definitely not. You should know by now that your mother was a bit unfair to have turned you away. You really are still her little baby and she’s just as lost and mad about this as you are and she just doesn’t know what to do. Do pray for her.

                Whatever the case may be, try to be a better mom than your mom has been to you at this point. Please do not reject your baby. That little one is a gift to you, regardless of whether the child will complicate things for you now. Embrace that baby in your heart and try to find good help that will love you and your baby at the same time.

                Please do not commit the mistake of abortion. It will ruin you in more things than I can say.

                Do not panic at this point. Try to find relatives who may be able to understand you also. Those of us who are here cannot really come to your aid physically and that’s what you really need right now.

                You said you were in week twelve already and that means you really should see a doctor to determine what kind of medical care both you and your baby need.

                If you should need more input, you can freely talk to me here

                I am going to Mass today, tomorrow and on Sunday. I will be praying for you in each of those Masses and I will be offering a rosary for you also.

                Hang in there. We’re here for you. The Lord is, too.



                  yeah im living with my auntie at the moment things a re going really well at this point :cheer:


                    haya well im sorta like youu im 14 15 in october and im 5weeks pregnant i told my foster parents they was dispointed in me at first but then they got over it my maits are all happy for me and the father of my child wants me too keep it but i split up with him but the thng that im tryna say is that your mum shouldnt ave done that she should be there for youu thought the tufest of times and thats what youu need to tell her but also say yes youu knw youu made a big mistake but your still her daughter if not there are plenty of sevices to help youu and also i thnk you should tell you mait because she has a right to knw that youu are preg for her boyfriend and if she was a good friend she would be there for youu even if its her boyfriend but my maits have never disowned me but i knw my real mum will after she comes out of prison in 3 years and it also depends on how the react so dnt get your hopes up too hight but good luck wiv everythng..x. 🙂


                      mmm yeah ive already made the mistake of getting my hopes up too high :(.
                      good luck with everything for you too x.


                        lost_dayna wrote:

                        i just have no idea what im goin to do.
                        I told my mum and she told me to get out so now im staying with a mate who i cant tell and im starting to get morning sickness and im in my first year at highschool i just dont know what to do.

                        Your mother cannot kick you out if you are a minor its illegal.Call somebody or the police.Maybe there is a home for pregnant women in need of help that you can stay at


                          im staying with my auntie at the moment and where i am staying is fine so yeah where im staying is the lest of my worries at the moment.

                          pro life

                            i know this sounds mean but wat is happining to u is carma u wint behind ur frinds back and betrayed her so now u are stuck with the concecwinces of ur acctions u need to make things right and tell everyone the truth cuz no matter wat it cant get eny wors.if u beleve in god everything will work out for the best it is really gods way of teaching u a lesson in life and to learn from ur mistackes but beleve me it will work out in ur faver if u ever need to talk im here my name is jessie


                              i can’t tell her because it will get worse she caught us and we covered it up but she was going to kill herself she has been suicidal for a while she has a very messed up life if she wasnt i would have told her. apart from telling her i agree with you trust me i know its bad i have beat myself over this


                                gutts to you. dont abort it, tell your mum. youd be suprised! good luck to you x


                                  Well then your friend do need help and I don’t mean that in a negative way I mean that in she need therapy and somebody to talk to. Anyway from experience I went through that when I was 13. I was all suicidal I had depression and PDSD – post dramatic stress disorder- and let me tell you something if your friend really wanted to kill her self she would of done it as for now its a cry for help and attention. If she cuts herself and does something stupid then she will get put in a hospital for a 30day evaluation. That is her problem and her family let it stay their problem….
                                  BACK TO YOU….You don’t necessarily have to tell her about what happen but at the same time don’t act like her buddy buddy because that would make things worse because there is a chance that eventually she will find out. Concentrate on yourself and the baby what happen happen you cant take it back but at the same time don’t stress your self over it. If you have ANY questions feel free to ask since I’m at the end of my pregnancy and probably know a lot of the answers about that topic. Good Luck to you


                                    If you wanna talk, I’m all ears hunnie:)
                                    I’m sure it’s hard=/
                                    You should probably talk to your mom and try to work things out.You way to be having ex little Missy i lost my virginity when i was your age too.
                                    As fro your Friend you should probably tell her and be totally honest about it. I’m she she will be very mad but if she is your true friend she will forgive you and try to be a supportive friend and help you.


                                      Hey, your baby is the most important thing; you don’t have to tell your friend yet. It’s not her business who the father is, and while time goes by you can help her get help for her depression. Depression can be a long term illness that needs long term management. But you are not her doctor you’re her peer. People think they have to be totally honest, but you know what? I think honesty can sometimes wait a few months!

                                      That other girl who told you it’s bad karma is not nice. You and your friend’s boyfriend made a mistake. We all make mistakes. Take care and let us know how you’re doing!

                                      America’s Pregnancy Hotline: 1-800-672-2296


                                        I agree with nina. Concentrate on yourself and the baby. Your friend might have a lot of problems, well those are HER problems not YOURS. You have your own problems you know what I mean?


                                          Oh hun!! I am 14 and i got pregnant when i was 13. We are in very different situations though! my bf’s family actually let me move in and we had a nursery planned and everything! I had a miscarriiage shortly after though…. 🙁 i think it would be a good thing if you told the truth to everyone. It may be hard but in the end its best. Stay strong and im always here!

                                          Do you know what you want to do with the baby?


                                            I am 13 and I am pregnant. I’m keeping the baby and I’m happy. I think that you should sit down and think about what you really want. I’m here for you if you need anyone to talk to because I understand the situation. If you have any questions or concerns you can message me or whatever people do on this. I’m new to this place…

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