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      okay i am 13 years old and i might be pregnant and i don’t know what to do my parents know that i’ve had sex but if i am they’ll just be even more mad at me i don’t know what to do my boyfriend told me he’d stand by me 100% if i was so that made me feel better but i still don’t know what to do i have really bad stomache pain kind of nautios feeling, i get really bad headaches, i have to pee a lot, and i’m getting hungrier. and according to what i looked up those are all early signs of pregnancy 🙁 i just don’t know what to do plez help me by giving me some sugestions thank you


        take a test then u will know for sure!


          lauren i’m so sorry to hear that you may be pregnant you are so young. but as far as being afraid to tell ur parents u weren’t afriad to have sex so don’t get scared now. it too late for that. but you need to tell them soon so you can start getting the proper care. either way i wish you the best of luck~~~~~~AP

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            thanx i really apprectiate your support from you and everyone i don’t know what i would do w/o you guys thanx so much


              wow thats young..i really ant say much though. im 15 and two months preg. i hope that things owtrk out of you


                [b] B) ] smile ok. Yes its goin to be tough ok. Look im 15 and im goin through tha something u r! Exept tha guy that i was with is gone and i haven,t heard from him since tha day we hook-up! Yes im scared to tell my mom and let her in on everything but sooner or lata its goin to comeout. Hope i gave u some comfort.
                L.D. B)


                  well not to be mean..but 100% goes down the drain once u actually get pregnant…and i thought i was pregnant…but i was making most of the feelings up in my mind..i would see things on TV and be like wow..maybe i am b/c i feel the same way..but it was until i was actually pregnant that i truly felt the feelings…the best thing to do is take the test..and dont get your hopes up about ur boyfriend being there..


                    hey im really new to this site but so far it seems really kool. i was reading ur post. look im only 16 and 3mths and 3wks pregnant. i love it though i mean im really looking forward to it. my bf lives with me and we have a great relationship together. everyone in my and his family know that we are going to be parents already. but let me tell you sumthing i mean u should be really lucky to have a boyfriend that is gonna support u all the way especially for the age that you are you know wut i mean. so find that a good thing.i mean and about ur parents i mean i wish u like the BEST of LUCK i really do. it is scary u know and if they get mad i mean they’ll get over it after they know they are going to be grandparents. one thing that i could help u on which they have told u already is telling them because u do need the care and advice of a doctor and if you go through a lot of stress about trying to figure out. u could have sumthing bad happen so just find out if you are and if u cant tell them just tell a family member to tell them for you. well yea hopefully i could help you!!

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                      Hi, Girl. Let me tell you something. You gotta ask yourself whether you´re willing to rise a kid, being yourself one. If you go through an abortion, you´ll stay with that guilt and bad feeling inside, not your boyfriend, not your parents nor teachers nor classmates. If you decide the other way around, you´ll be the one to bring up your kid, not anyone else. So don´t let anybody judge you, as this little life inside of you will be your son and nobody else´s. Do what your heart tells you to do and don´t pay attention to whatever the world says!!!!! I´m 26 years old (I double your age) and believe me, I know what I´m telling you. Don´t get scared, everything is gonna be OK. I fell pregnant 5 months ago and being so "grown up" I was just as puzzled as you are, but in my country abortion in illegal, but you can still get one done if you pay for it. I decided to have my lil baby and today I can´t wait to see its lil face, the right moment is the one you decide and feel. Listen to your heart. Hope that helps!!!
                      Natalia – Argentina


                        Did you take the test?


                          Hi, Well you asked for suggestions….I think you should talk to maybe a school consuler or a trusted adult that could help you with your problem. I hope your not pregnant though, your so young. Good luck.


                          p.s. don’t have an abortion thats not the answer

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