12 weeks and getting an abortion

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    jjs mom

      well my time here at standupgirl is done. what i’am am doing is not considered standing up. i chose to have an abortion, i had an appointment today but they said that they could not do it cause i;am 12weeks and 5 days. but i have another appointment for tuesday. i had my heart set on keeping this baby, i even bought baby clothes already but then reality hit, i can’t care for another child, my son just turned 4 and i’am struggling with him, i love this child that is inside of me but i love my child that is living more and i don’t want him to have to suffer more. and i can’t even tell what my husband thinks because he agrees with everything tjat i say, but he makes little comments that make me believe that he wants to keep this child but he was the one who made me get 2 abortions in the pasr. i’m very confused and hurt, i’m glad that i get a few more days to have my child but i know i can not do this. oh and not to mention i just got fired from my job cause my boss does not want any pregnant employees. well if i do have the courage to go through with this abortion, i will be removing myself from this site but i hope all of you young ladies make the right choice and have the courage that i did not..:(


        Why not choose adoption instead? You said you love this child, so I imagine this is the toughest decision in the world, but it isn’t your only option. If you’ve had two prior abortions, also think about the effects on your body. Multiple abortions can do damage to women’s bodies and chances of future pregnancies. Adoption would give your child a chance at life and you wouldn’t have to live with the feelings you likely already experience from terminating in the past. I’m sure there’s somewhere local you can go for help and counseling should you decide for adoption. God bless.


          Hey jjs Mommy,

          You are already a mother of four children. You cannot change what you did with the other two precious lives that were stolen from this world, but you have the chance now to put your foot down and say no more will I question whether or not I want to allow this little life to continue to live. He or she is just waiting to come out and meet big brother JJ:) and you, His/ Her loving Mother. I urge you, please do not make the same mistake again… This baby needs you to be strong, it needs you to be the Mommy you already want to be. .JJ will one day find out what you have done, will He be happy you were strong for His little baby brother or sister or will He be torn between sadness and anger at you’re decision. I cannot and do not want to put a weight that you do not need to bare, but if their was ever a weight that you have lade upon yourself it is the weight of these past Abortions that you can never take back.

          Your friend 4life,


            please dont have an abortion.

            have an open adoption instead


              Your story breaks my heart. I was where you are 7 years ago. You are right that it is hard when you are struggling with one. I chose to have him and I was a single parent for a while,where it is not easy I am glad I did. I myself have also had 2 abortions and am pregnant now .Do it if you can be alright with yourself and god. If everything in your heart says to keep it then do the struggle is only for a little while and it sounds like your husband will want what you want. This is just my opinion. You keep in touch and if you need anyone to talk to you can e-mail me anytime! Even if you decide to go through with it don’t quit the site we will all be there for you even if you go through with it!


                Hun , I dont think that you should have an abortion , thats murdering your child, you love this child that is inside you , i am tring to encourge you to keep your child and not murder the child .this child needs you like your 4 year old , I was the same way when i was preganat.I was scared that i would hurt my child , abortion dose hurt the child , i didnt know that ! i read an article on abortion and it made me have a change of heart.You know what i did , i cept the child and i am so blessed that i got to keep her ! I am a single mom and i am loving it every bit of it ! so please it would be your worset miss stake you would ever make in your intire life ! you’ll feel so bad if you get into abortion.trust me ! i wanted an abortion then i tought about it and I kept my child. I hope you keep your child , dont make the mistake like i did !
                please write me back !
                my name is melissa


                  jst becoz u r gettin an abortion doesnt mean you cant be on the website anymre. there are heaps of girls on this site that have had abortions, we are all here to help each other n give advice, your story could really help some one later. jst think about stayin on the site, you might need the help after the abortion.


                    Hi I’m Lisa and I just wanted to share with you that abortion is NOT the answer. You already have a sweet love for your baby and even your mom would support your choosing life. Please please read the stories from the girls on this site. And from ME! Abortion NEVER GOES AWAY! It stays in a broken place in your heart and your baby will always be only a memory. You mentioned in another letter that you wanted to choose the baby that is alive right now. Both babies are alive, did you know that? That baby that is inside of your womb is a fully formed, living, breathing baby that sucks his/her thumb.

                    You said that you are about 12 weeks. Ohhhhhhhh please know that it will take 2 days for this abortion procedure to complete. I know some girls that have experienced abortion at this far. Please, please – this will be a memory that will be more painful that you can ever imagine.

                    The father of your baby will just have to take a breath and take a Stand and BE A MAN! Not to ask you to have to take on the burden and the full responsibility this tragic decision. If he made the appointment, let HIM go. Please know I’m not trying to sound mean or anything like that. I just know that if you take a Stand, if you tell your mom that you have decided that you are going to keep this beautiful little baby of yours – and you tell your bf that you have chosen to take a stand for the life of your baby … I promise you that you will be relieved. I think the hardest part right now is you are being so sweet and you want to please everyone else, but it is at the cost of your heart.

                    You said that your son just turned 4 years old. Please think of this. What would happen if you had chosen abortion for your 4 year old son? Can you imagine life without him? I know that would be too difficult to even think about wouldn’t it? But you WILL think the same thing once you are holding this precious little beautiful baby in your arms.

                    Remember when you held your son right after he was born? Remember what it was like to listen to him make those cute little cooing noises when he was eating when he was a tiny little baby? Do you remember what he smelled like right after a bath and as he slept in your arms, d you remember what it felt like to brush your hand over the top of his head?

                    That very same kind of baby is growing inside of you right now. Right now all your baby needs to survive outside of your womb is time. Time to grow bigger and stronger. All of his/her organs and body parts are there. They are formed and your baby can even hear the sound of your voice. Weather you talk, laugh … or even cry.

                    Please listen to your motherly heart. Choose life for your baby. Tell the father of your baby that you are choosing life and he can either Stand with you or not … but you choose to Stand.

                    There is absolutely NOTHING for him to be scared of. Only something for him to be excited about. OK?

                    Please choose life.

                    Luv Lisa


                      yeah try adoption… i was adopted and i am so glad that my biological mother had the courage to do that. adoption is an option… please think about that… and that would be showing the world how much you really love your baby…..
                      please keep thinking about that and dont get the abortion… please continue to really think about that.


                        I encourage anyone that is considering abortion to watch this video – it is not gross but it gives you a view of what the baby goes through. The video is of an abortion that you see through ultrasound. it is not gory. It basically shows you that the baby is scared and tries to use its insticts of survival even in the womb – but it is not a match for an abortionist. I hope this does not offend anyone – i am not trying to preach about not getting an abortion – just to look at it from this perspective.



                          i couldnt do it. Adoption would be the best way.That baby inside you is now a human…it has a heart and brain!
                          I think by reading about how you said you feel about this child.If you had the abortion it would tear you apart…

                          gina lynn

                            oh girl please dont loose hope, there are other ways to deal with it. please consider adoption… someone who is unfortunate and cant have children would be so grateful to adopt the one you cant take care of, and you wouldnt be taking an innocent life… please dont make the same mistake again. your baby deserves a chance, even if you cant give it a good chance someone else can, so consider adoption.


                              I definitely agree with the other girls here! You love your child that is inside you and your living one. It may get tough but that’s the way life is inteaded to be. Excuse my spelling. I thought of having an abortion and the day came and I backed out. I realized I loved the child as much as I should. Good luck, make the right decision!! Please.


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