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      ok so here it goes….
      i have a 39 day cycle. my last period was december 26th-30th, i had sex january 9th & 17th. my period was supposed to come february 2nd but it came february 10th-14th. i then had sex february 27 & 29. my next period was due march 18th-22nd, and i had sex march 17 & 24. my period is 12 days late and i’ve been getting brown discharge since march 28th. i took a pregnancy test today (march 30th) and it came out negative. my friend said that since i had sex a day before my period most likely i pushed my period back but i NEVER had just brown discharge that lasted more than a day. its not alot of discharge just when i wipe and a drop or 2 on my pad.
      i read blogs that say it might be implantation bleeding or i just didnt ovulate but i dont know what to do or think right now? Any ideas???


        I’m not sure, but perhaps another pregnancy test just in case it was a false negative. Also are you having sex with the same partner and is this inside of a committed marriage relationship? You need to be careful of all the diseases that are easily contracted as well as physical/emotional effects on you and on future relationships. I want the best for you, so please take care of your body and mind!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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