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      I’m 11 and a half weeks pregnant, and for the past 3 or 4 days i’ve been getting cramps… like it kinda feels like premenstrual cramps, but every once and a while there’s this sharp pain… I’m really worried and I don’t have a doctor yet, and I haven’t gotten an ultrasound yet.. is this normal?? Is there something wrong with my baby?? :ermm:


        Can someone please reply? I’m really worried…. is this normal?


          my anatomy book said that if your pregnant and getting cramps your body is demanding calcium so try to put more into your diet and if it doesn’t stop ask your doctor!


            Hey, I am going on 18 weeks pregnant now. I also suffered from the sharp pain like cramps. Often when I cough, sneeze or go to the bathroom! or get up from a position…its normally down the sides. It is very normal. Its the uterus growing, all the muscles are stretching for the baby …and these muscles growing are cause these kinds of pains. The dr. will tell you this too. The only thing you have to watch for is severe constant pains, and signs of blood or a fever etc. This is when you have to seek medical care. But don’t worry at all…it sounds like you are worried just like I was! And the calcium thing?! nah…thats not what that is from. ITs just a lot of growth happening! The only way you know you are lacking somthing nutritionally is by being tested by the dr. They will tell you if you have lower levels of certaing nutrients such as iron, and calcium etc. So when you get to the dr. they will help you with all that. In the mean time, eat as healthy as poss, and buy some pre natal pills from the supermarket. Eat lots of protein and iron…and keep the cholestrol low. You’ll be fine! Jeanette xxx


              I’m also 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. I also get sharp pains and some mild cramping. Most likely, it’s the round ligaments stretching to acccomodate a growing uterus. You’ll probably feel this throughout your pregnancy at times. So don’t panic. If, however, you begin bleeding contact a doctor right away. No advice is a substitute from seeing a real doctor, you should see one soon anyway.


                I am 12 weeks pregnant and I have been to the doctor and had a ultrasound and I am getting cramps as well. I did ask the doctor and he stated "Some women do get cramps that feel like menstrual cramps." He also said it is common and it should stop in between 3-4 months. I was also concerned but everything is fine with my baby. If you are still worried contact a doctor. You really need a doctor to check on the baby and you at this time. 😉


                  Try to cut down on salt and lay with your legs elevated for a while but you really need to see a doctor because you might have high blood pressure and if you do they will have to do a c-sec if it does not come back down for the sake of you and your baby go see the doctor!
                  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~love nikki`


                    hey, i am right along with the rest of you i hav the same symptoms. is there something wrong with my baby? i haven’t went to the doctor or anything and i have the same symptoms can somebody reply to this and tell me what is wrong with me or my baby!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!


                      Call your doctor if you are worried. They’ll help

                      Mrs. Butterfly

                        I am almost 2 months pregnant and have the same problem. I read though as long as everything is alright it’s just your body telling you that your baby is growing! One thing though. You do need to go to the doctor to get prenatals and to make sure your baby is ok. You are housing another life. Everything your baby needs comes from you.You have to keep your body healthy. If you don’t take your daily suppliment of vitamins and nutrition you are taking from your baby. After a while your baby will take whatever she / he needs from you. Some people wonder why their bones and teeth are not as healthy as they use to. Well, when you don’t take in the calcium you need during pregnancy your baby is going to do what he / she needs to survive. I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time, but I hope I helped a little.


                          I am also 11-12 weeks pregnant and am having the same kinds of cramps lower pains right above my pelvic bone. This is my third try at being a mom. 1 abortion when i was a bit younger, 1 miscarriage …. and now! I’m terrified!!! someone please tell me they are going through the same things… also my eating habbits scare me as well… I want to be eating healthy and making sure my baby is getting all the right things but most of the time NOTHING sounds good and I mean nothing… I find myself sticking to my comfort foods
                          grapefruits, bannana, saltines and thats about it. When will I be able to sit down to a actual dinner and not fell nauses by the smells coming off my plate??? Ive noticed it helps a little if I take my prenatal vitamin right before bed rather than the morning but this doesnt change the fatigue I go through right around 4:30-7ish everynight! Anyone else in my boat?

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