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      😉 hi im 16 and i think im pregnant if i was i wudnt be that far gone i have read truw some early symptoms and some of them are wat i have been gettin but i dunno wat to do if i kept it by july i would be 6 months about and i really wanted to go to my school prom and all my mates want me to go and i dnt want to let them down i have sed i dnt knoe if i am goin should i tell them ????????????????????


        not being able to go your prom is not a reason to have abortion!
        You can still go. i was still gonna go to my senior ball when i was pregnant but i had miscarriage.
        And if you didn’t go that just one of the sacrifes you make for your child.
        But they give so much love back to you it’s all worth it. I think you need to tell someone. Talk to someone about this. Have some one take you to the doctors to find out for sure.
        If you need to talk i’m here.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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