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      so, my best friend told me about this site & she told me that you girls give GREAT advice so i decided to give it a try.

      i am 10 days late on my period. i was supposted to get it then 21st of october but i havent gotten it yet. i’m scared and confused of what may be causing this. im affraid to take a HPT because im scared of what the results may be. i just really need some support and advice from all you wonderful ladies!

      Please help!


        Hey there, I am Meg and I am so glad you came here!! I happen to show very late on HPT’s and I got a positive at 12 days late. I know you are nervous and scared of what the results might say but if you are pregnant it won’t matter if you wait 2 days or 5 more months to take the test, the result will still be the same, you know what I mean? It is always best to find out ASAP so that you can get over the initial shock (if unexpected) and so that you can get the best prenatal care possible. When it comes down to it the earlier you find out the better. What I would suggest is to take a test with your first mornings urine and if it is negative and you are still late after another week then retest again. If you are still late after another week then get a blood test from the doctor. If it is not pregnancy causing you to be late then you really need to find out ASAP what is causing your missing period. If you test first thing in the morning then you will get the most concentrated pee of the day and if you are pregnant the HCG hormone will be more potent in the first pee of the day. If you test and you are pregnant then the best thing to do is take a deep breath, smile, stroke your tummy and know that this will be ok in the end. Here is a number to call for additional help and advice that will be a little more personal, 1-800-395-HELP, it is Optionline, they will give you the number and location to the closest Pregnancy Resource Center to you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL tests and great advice from a face to face counselor. Always come back here for more questions and please let us know what you find out…Love Meg


          Meg is right… it’s better to find out sooner than later. Let us know when you find out, ok?
          And welcome to the site! 🙂


            i know ure scared of takin a test but u have 2 do it
            i was terrified but i did it
            so just face ure fear and take one


              if the pregnancy is unexpected it wil be a huge
              shock to the system- but soon you will come to terms with
              seeing those two lines on the test.
              if you pregnant its going to show positive whether you
              take it now or later, so y not find out now- for your
              health and the babys
              best of luck!!!!B)

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