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    sophia roses mummy

      [color=#800080][i]Sasha Lou,

      I’ve been missing you loads recently more than ever, my beautiful little girl,

      The day you died was the worst day of my life,

      I couldn’t believe what I had done, that night I stayed awake sitting on my bed thinking what have I done i could not stop crying and just wishing I could of turned the clock back 24 hours and I wouldn’t of done it. Princes i wish you would of been my little girl and I can’t believe everything turned out the way it did and what I did to you.

      I just want you back sweetie you would of completed me, you will always be my little girl for ever! & no one will ever replace that!

      I love you Sasha Lou Nicole Clarke r.i.p 10/4/08 – 9/9/08

      And to think that I could never see your face and what you would of grown up to be and look like and i cant hold you in my arms 🙁

      If I could turn back time I would, I would of done things so differently to just walk through the front door holding my little girl in my arms,and no one can take her of me I would be the proudest person in the whole world.

      If I could have changed everything that I did on that day, I would and you would have made me the proudest mummy alive.

      Daddy loves you too princess, he doest like to talk about you as much anymore because he blames himself about everything that happened and I know and you know it wasn’t his fault., it was all my fault and he blames himself if only he had tried harder you wouldn’t of had to die the way you did and you would be still here with mummy & daddy.

      I’m so sorry my little sweetie I wish I never did what i did and you would still be a massive part of me and my life.

      Keep mummy and daddy strong r.i.p my beautiful little girl.

      All my love,

      Mummy &+ daddy

      r.i.p 10/4/08-9/9/08 happy birthday 11.1.09

      X X X X X

      sophia roses mummy

        sasha-lou r.i.p mummy misses you loads! il never for get you ever iloveyou sweetie xxxxxxx


          I am so sorry for your pain!

          sophia roses mummy

            r.i.p sweetie 6months today 🙁 miss you xx

            sophia roses mummy

              sahsa-lou how can i ever cope with loosing you? and try and move fwd with my life? mummy and daddy loveyou to peices and we allways will 🙂 i promise we all will be together one day in heaven, you would of made me the proudest mummy ever, i miss you my princes mummy loves you allways and so does daddy (:

              r.i.p my sweetie

              lots of love

              x x x x x x x x x


                I can understand the pain you are going through. I just lost my baby a few days ago. Elena Jane Nelsen-Hooker.
                She was my world but she was taken from me.
                I dont know what to do or what to think or say.
                It hurts so bad.. Like my heart has been broken. 🙁

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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