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      Hey Ladies. I am 17 years old, I have a one year old daughter and a few days ago i found out i am pregnant again. i am considering having an abortion but i am not sure what to do. Both myself and my fiancee want to have this baby but we are not sure whether we can financially handle this baby. Also we have been going through a rough patch in our relationship and dont know if we are emotionally ready for another baby. I have no regrets about my daughter but will this baby be different…?



        I would talk to your local crisis pregnancy center of Birthright. they might be able to help you financially with medical costs and some costs post-delivery. You could apply for WIC or medicaid. Also you could consider giving this child up for adoption if it would be too much to handle to raise another child right now. It sounds like you and your fiance really don’t want to have an abortion. I would encourage you to listen to your heart and not your fears. It may be tough, but there are other alternatives besides abortion. Best wishes.



          I’m not sure if I should be responding, but I came across this site while looking for symptoms. I’m 43 and am still trying to conceive. My husband & I are in the process of looking in to adoption as I type this. Please, before you consider having an abortion, consider placing your child with a family that so wants a baby to love that can’t have them on their own. I know we would love an adopted baby as if it were our very own. I can’t imagine what you must be going thru right now trying to make this decision. Just know someone cares.


            My heart goes out to you and your new baby!!! Please, please, please don’t abort your child!!! Think back to when you were pregnant with your daughter. Even when you were having awful times and struggling with all the decisions and pressure, you could feel the the precious life inside of you. Your daughter was a part of you just like your new baby is now. His or her heart has been beating since before you knew you were pregnant. He or she already has everything he or she needs to become a fully functioning human being!!! Cherish the life inside of you, it deserves to live! Even if you and your fiance can’t rightfully choose to keep the baby, please give your child the gift of life! There are so many parents who would love your baby as their own.
            Just as a side note, if you haven’t already, try to find a TeenMOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group in your area. The program has been a tremendous help and encouragement to several of my friends. You’ll be so glad you did.
            I’m praying for you and your baby!!!


              If you can’t afford it financially then consider adoption.


                hi, i have had an abortion myself and it is not a very nice feeling at all!! i really regert doing this and hope you make a wise choice because i did it for my family, but now have realised i shouldnt have. read my post on abortion! xx

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