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      [size=2]So, as of a few days ago I am officially one month late. A few days before I was supposed to get my period (the first weekend of February), I had two days of light, brown spotting. But onyl when I wiped. I’ve had a lot of the other sypmtoms as well: nausea, headaches, fatigue, heartburn, minor cramping, sore breasts, extreme lower back pain. And I should’ve started my next period yesterday, and nothing. This is extremely odd for me. My periods used to be hyperactive and two weeks after one ended, the next one would start. I went on birth control to regulate them, and stopped taking the pill back in November, but I’ve never missed a period.

      I’ve taken a couple pregnancy tests, after a few days of being late, two weeks, and three weeks and they’ve all been negative. I haven’t really been worrying to much about it because of all the negatives, but now I’m starting to. Is it possible to be nearly two months pregnant and still not show up on a pregnancy test? And if not, any other ideas as to why my period is so late?

      Any help would be great. Thank you! =][/size]

      princess Angela

        When i first missed my period i had done like 6 tests which all came up negitive … i started testing about 1 week before my period until 1 week after i missed my period…. i even had a blood test and that came up negitive also…. then a week or so later i took another one an it was positive by that time i was 5-6 weeks pregnant and went to the doctors and had an ultrasound to confirm it at 7weeks….

        Im not sure if that helps… U may not have enough hormone in ur urine yet for it to be deceted by a home test…. but u should defently have enough in ur blood to be dected so i suggest u go to the doctors and get a blood test…

        Best of luck
        Angela xoxox


          Although getting numerous negatives is pretty sure of not being pg, you still can ask for a blood test.

          I’ve been told that any spotting between periods is a hormonal issue, and that may explain why you’re having other symptoms as well. I’ve always been a regular kinda girl, but over the past 8 months or so, things changed.

          I’d suggest getting a blood test for sure.


            I took a pregnancy test every week from the day I missed my period and didn’t get a positive one until I was 3 1/2 months pregnant. So there is a possibility but if you really really want a baby don’t get your hopes up to high because it may just be your body.


              Thanks everyone. Still no period. I’m hoping to get in to the doctor’s by the end of this week or early next. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂


                how did you go?
                The spotting sounds like implantation bleeding to me.
                U could be that far without showing up on tests so get that bloodtest.

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