everyone im 15 and i just recently been having some weird symptoms and i was wondering if someone anyone to please help me out. so like a month ago i got my period but i only had it for like a day and then it went away. so i guess i spotted. but i didnt think anything of it becuas emy normal period cycle ois like that.. but then last week i didnt get mine and i usually get it one week before my best friend. and i never got mine? so now im getting alittle suspicoius becuase the symptoms im having arnt my usual period syptoms. some of my symptoms are that my breats usually hurt but not this bad its to the point where i cant even wear a bra. ive been so tired lately and everyone in the summer is out partying but i cant even pick myself out of bed becuase ive been sooo tired its unbearable. ive also been having to go to the bathroom like more times then i usually have to go… like 4 times every hour. is this normal? i dont know what to do. :/