Your website address was in my church’s bulletin this week, and I am so glad that I visited your site. It is amazing how one person can positively touch the lives of many. My sister was that person for me.

I became pregnant at 19, and I was very alone. My boyfriend’s option was abortion, and when I wouldn’t agree, he abandoned us. I had no idea how I was going to support myself and my baby, or how I was going to finish college and accomplish the high goals I had set out for myself. Success was so important for me; I had just graduated a year before as valedictorian of my high school. I only knew what was in my heart, and that the love I had for my unborn baby was tremendous. My mother ended up kicking me out of my parents house over a quarrel unrelated to the pregnancy. I moved in with my sister and her family.

I was so confused and afraid. I didn’t tell anyone for a while, even my sister. I went to the doctor regularly, but I just couldn’t tell anyone for fear that they would be disappointed with me. Luckily, I finally told my sister and her husband and they were very supportive. Instead of judging me for my “failure”, my sister and brother-in-law actually congratulated me!

It wasn’t so easy to tell my parents. My mother started yelling while my dad cried. It was such a surprise to them!

My sister taught me how to love and appreciate your children, and how to be a good parent. My nephew had just been born, so I learned all of the baby basics first hand. My sister was my lamaze coach, and I do not know how I could have gone through labor without her. My brother-in-law video taped the pregnancy and my father was in the delivery room. My dad was the first one to hold my son, and their bond has been huge ever since.

After I stopped crying looking at the result of that pregnancy test, I became overwhelmed with the fantastic idea of a little being growing inside me. I was depressed during the pregnancy, but I had so many positive things in my life to even it out. Not everyone is as fortunate, not seeing the good out of the situation.

Labor was neither fun, nor bearable, but so extremely worth the sacrifice. It is so hard to explain the love that I have for my son to people who do not have children. I love him like I take a breath; it is so natural and necessary for me to live. He has improved my life beyond words. I am no longer selfish and self-destructive. I try to see the good out of everyone and every situation. He can change my mood with a simple smile or “mommy, I love you.” I would do it all over again without hesitation.

I have never received any support, financial or otherwise from my son’s father. Somehow I managed. While it took my seven years to graduate college, I did and can’t imagine being any happier if I had finished in four. There are no limitations on what you can accomplish if your goals are for love.

I hope that just one person is able to hear my story and at least reconsider what choices they have. I had always been pro-choice until I dreamt I was pregnant in high school. Just knowing that the baby was growing inside me changed my standpoint and my life.

Success-driven women and teens are so quick to turn off their emotions and do the “logical” thing. Logic plays no role in love. One question to ask yourself is if you will be able to live with decision in ten years?


Dear Shannon,

Your story is just so uplifting! Thank you for sharing it with me. It is so full of hope and encouragement.

You stood up for what you knew was right and God has blessed you for it! What seemed to be an impossible situation has been turned into something beautiful. You were able to reconcile with your family. How wonderful. Your
sister and her husband were there when you most needed them. They must be really special people. Finding support can be very difficult, but it is SO important! We really need to pray for the girls out there who don’t have any
support and reach out to them in any way we can.

You also went on to finish university. What an awesome accomplishment that is! You were able to achieve the goals you had set out. Many girls think that they have to give that all up if they have a baby. You have proven that
to be untrue!

You made the right decision and you have been and will continue to be blessed.

love standupgirl becky