okay so heres my situation. i’m in 12th grade and i had applied for college before i found out i was pregnant. only problem is that the program i need is at least 2 hours away and my boyfriend still has one year of highschool left to go. which means i can’t just bring the baby with me cause that isn’t fair to him. i’m due august 26th school both highschool and college starts like 2 weeks later. so college at this point is a big  no no.
But i could graduate and work all year next year. but when it comes to reaplying for college i feel llike i’m missing some courses. i want my english lit. which i don’t haveand i want another writting course. i’m taking english 12 right now but me and my teacher keep butting heads and i have break downs in her class like i can’t take it anymore so if i drop out and don’t gradute i still have one more option ..

there is this school for teen parents down the road from my school (YPSP) but to get it you can not have graduated. so if i don’t graduate and go there next year i can finish any courses i want and get free daycare. these are the services you get there:

  • Parenting programs
  • Life skills training
  • Opportunity to receive high school diploma
  • Licensed childcare provided on-site
  • Playroom for children and their mothers
  • Scholarships for post-secondary education
  • Advocacy
  • Outreach for individual support to rural areas of the County

like i donno if it would be better for me to just take it slow  for now and the go there next year that way i can finish the same year as my bf or if i should just see if i can finish my english class online. but i also have another class that i absoluetly hate and that i don’t need  because i dont wanna go to college for that.

what should i do!!?? HELP!