My name is Anna, and I’m 19 years old. A few years ago, I went through an incredibly rough time, struggling with depression and a lot of fighting in my family. The result was that I fell behind a year in school. I took a turn for the better and got my life on track, and I’m proud to say – even though it took some extra time – that I graduated in June of this year. I got accepted to university and my program starts in September. This is the first time in my life I feel as if the people around me really feel proud of who I’ve become.

Today, though, I found out I’m pregnant. I am blessed to have the most supportive man in the world as my boyfriend, so he is behind me 100%. James and I both feel as if this baby is ours. We didn’t for a second even consider abortion. I truly am grateful I didn’t have to struggle through that. The things that have me worried are the judgement of the people in our lives, and what this means for my future plans.

Can I even go through university trying to raise a child? I feel like it’s not possible, especially for me. I can’t handle a crazy amount of stress, and if I tried to juggle the family alongside school I might go insane. I am perfectly fine with postponing my education or even sacrificing it for the sake of this little one. But if I did, what could I do to support my baby while James is in school for 4 years? I know I couldn’t ask him to give up his university plans. It’s not cheap supporting a child, I know that.

Do any girls out there have stories and advice of what you did to manage finances when your baby came into the world? I’m a little more than scared. Excited and already in love with this miracle, but never more terrified. I only want the best for my baby.