Hi im new to this and i have read many of the entries. They are affect me bacause i am in da middle of deciding what to do bout my pregeancy. I found out i was pregant and im prolly 7 weeks n. I told my boyfriends parents n they gave me da money to get a abortion. Deep down inside of me even though i dnt always make da best decisions i want to keep da baby n feel i will be a good mother, but i dnt want to put it up for adoption because i kno i do not want no one else raising my child. Im so confussed and have been trying to find answers but it seems i cant. My boyfriend da father supports whatever decision i decide but sometimes i feel we wont be ready.Im only in mysecond year in college and i kn it will be hard to tell my real family and my foster family because they all expect me to do great. I cry every night jus thinkin dat if i kill my baby i will never be da same. Im so scared and dont kno wat to do. For any gurl reading this please kno that even if ur thinkin bout havin a abortion it affects u already. Everyday i wonder whats goin to happen but i kno that dis is a decision thats no matter what i decided will follow me for the rest of my life. Hopefully my faith in God wil be stronger then any parents decision can be put towards me and that i make da right decision before its too late.