Hi, i’m megan and i’m 13 years old. I got and abortion 2 weeks ago. I found out i was pregnant on July 5th, 2010 on mine and my boyfriends 1 year and 1 month anniversary. I remember watching the test turn positive right away. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought “Great…” My boyfriend always told me how he wanted a baby with me at this age, but 3 days before i found out, he bailed and said he never wanted one. I didnt either. We’ve been having unprotected sex since November of 2009. I called him right away when i found out i was pregnant and we both were speechless. He hung up and right away texted me ABORTION!ABORTION!ABORTION! I was crying hysterically and didnt know what to do. His whole family told me to get an abortion, and my parents told me to put it up for adoption. I was going for adoption, but my boyfriend said if i keep the baby, we’re breaking up and i didnt want to lose him, because i loved him. So me, my mom, his mom and him met at the locas Dairy Queen and my mom called the clinic. I sat there staring into space. I went to the doctor a week before and she told me i was 3-4 weeks pregnant. I knew it wasn;t a real baby yet, so i really didnt have a problem. I thought about all my goals and was ready for the abortion. Me, my mother, my boyfriend and his mother met at the clinic and i filled out paper work. First they called me to a room for an ultra sound. t was my first ultrasound and I felt awkward. Then they called me to take blood from my finger and take my weight. Then they called me into another room and talked about what was going to happen, what i could and couldn’t do; she also told me i was 6 weeks, and 4 days pregnant. Thats when i wanted to run out of the room. All i remember after that was getting dressed and sitting in the operation room starring at a light. It was scary…at first i thought i did the right thing, but now i regret it. Im depressed and angry at myself…please if you’re pregnant and want an abortion make sure you’re 100% positive about it. Abortion is permanent…you cant take it back.