Well , everyone makes mistakes right?

I was dating a pastors son … and he broke up with me because he said he lost love for me. He ended up dating another girl which turned out soon was over. He told me that he couldn’t forget me because i was his first love. We are soon getting baptized which means forgiveness of all our sins and starting fresh. Well on Tuesday we had an interview at work for new improvements and so on. After the meeting we decided to hangout. At his old elementary school. We ended up having un-protected sex. :'(

Today i’m supposed to go to the CLSC with my mother. Yes, i told my mom . she is my bestfriend. she wasn’t mad but just surprised. I’m wondering, if i am pregnant what should i do ? I can’t keep it because i live with my aunt , and because he is a pastors son. He’s not even allowed to be doing this kind of stuff….I’m so confused ….. I want to keep it but i’m so troubled i … don’t know. i dont want an obortion if it takes to long for me to decide anything. but i don’t want to make a mistake. please can someone help me ?