I've sat back and watched this all happen for long enough now. I'm waking myself up and shaking off the dust. My new attitude: I can handle anything that throws itself in my path. Bring it on. After all the torment, deceit, guilt and stress I'm picking myself up now and I will not be knocked down again. I'm over my life role as the star in a soap operah, this has gone beyond ridiculous . I've spoken to family, friends and read some books. I'm having a darling baby and I've stood by long enough watching you ruin your own life and attempting to manipulate me and ruin mine. You haven't succeeded thus far and this time, I will not sit back and watch you try again. I love this little angel inside of me and you are creating a war zone outside for them, I will not allow it. I've never let a soul do what you've done to me, I'm responsible for allowing it to get this bad. This time, it's enough. Go ahead and try to manipulate my feelings, thoughts and life. I'll enjoy taking the hits that come my way, because now I am stronger. This time it's not about you, you, you, it's about life. I'm choosing this little life over your promise of a slow death. I have all the weapons I need, I have God, family, friends, courage, knowledge and my power back. This time you will not take any of that away from me. No longer shall the past linger over me, the future is fast approaching. This time you've chosen the wrong chick to mess with, I am a mother now and you will not take that away from me. You will not have any influence on my life, my friends' lives or my family's lives. You've lost your power and I've regained mine, and you've really made me mad. This time there is no next time, you need help, get it or get gone. This time, I'm ready.