So…I found out I was pregant in April of 2008. At the time i was very unsettled. I was one of those girls who you would find at a party acting like a fool, one of those girls whose only concern was her looks, parties, and of course boys. I didn't really think about my future or about where my life was going. 

I was living with my ex-boyfriend, Mark, at the time who was also the father of my baby. Me and him had moved in together when my mother kicked me out of her house, because i had been throwing parties and she could no longer trust me. Before the baby everythong between me and Mark was good. He had told me he wanted to marry me and had even come up with the plans of how he wanted to do it. He also told me that he wantd to have kids with me, so we began trying. Eventhough I was only eighteen, had dropped out of skewl, and had no future i was dumb enough to believe Mark was the one and that he would be able to take care of me and a kid.

When i came home from the doctor with my news of my pregnancy all of my friends could not be happier for me, but the father on the other hand was furious. He offered me $3,000 to get an abortion, and when i told him that there was no way i was going to do that he kicked me out of the house. From then on I bounced from house to house trying to find a good home for me to bring a baby into. I finnally got a hand out when my Mark's sister opened up her house to me and i gratefully accepted.  Since moving in the fMark has been in and out of my life, but when the day came to go to the hospital to have his son he left for good.

Today I am living my life day to day, no longer worrying about the little things in life, but instead the big things. i love my life with my son more and more as i watch him grow up in front of my eyes, and i know that one day he will grow up to teach me more things than i could ever teach him. I love him through and through and even though the cercumstances of his life and of his family are not the greatest i do not love him any less and i will work as hard as i can to make up for all that he can not have.  It may be cliche but he is my world now, not myself.