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I just found this website and want to say how awesome I think it is! I wanted to share my story. I know that young, unmarried women often need feel alone in pregnancy. The reason I feel that my story NEEDS to be shared is that I was married and got no support from my husband. I think it’s important for women who are out there realize that no matter what your situation, abortion is NOT the answer.

Well here goes, I got married at 21 against my family’s wishes. My family thought that I should finish school first, and now looking back at it all I see what they were trying to protect me from. Three or four months into my marriage I became pregnant.

My husband was very UN-supportive.  First, he wanted me to have an abortion, then he tried to convince me that adoption was the answer. Our marriage was already beginning to unravel and the pregnancy certainly didn’t help. He was very verbally abusive about the fact that I was gaining weight. He withdrew himself emotionally and physically from me. He constantly told me how we couldn’t afford a baby and that I was being incredibly selfish. Long story short, I found out that he was having an affair and left him. I moved across the country to where my parents live so that I’d have some support, both financially and emotionally. I had my daughter and she’s a little over a year old now. My divorce was final yesterday.

I won’t lie and say that any of it has been easy. Actually, I will tell you it has been quite hard. Being a mom is the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I do not for one second regret my decision to keep my baby. She brings me so much joy! I KNOW 100% that I could not live with myself if I had made a different decision.  My story has other guilt though that I’m learning how to cope with. My daughter and her dad have no relationship  because he can’t make good decisions and wants nothing to do with her. Some days I let the guilt overcome me.  Other days I make it OK. Everyday I am thankful that I have a healthy and happy baby to bring a smile to my face and remind me of my purpose. See, I don’t live for me anymore, so I have to make good decisions for her… and I know that I would be absolutely LOST without her!

Dear Jessica,

You are so right…women can feel very alone in pregnancy, married or not. So sad that your husband was not more supportive. You are moving forward though…you and your beautiful daughter. You are making the best out of a very difficult decision. How awesome that your parents were willing to give you the support you need.  It makes such a difference to have loving people behind you…backing you up. You made the decision to have your baby and raise her, though. Good for you.  That took a lot of guts! But you knew in your heart what the right thing to do was. I am so proud of  you for standing up for yourself and your baby!  Keep smiling!

Love Becky