I want to thank all of you, as you are each special in your own way, and so brave. We initially wanted to adopt, (and still do) as we knew we may be able to help a woman give her baby a loving home. We have waited for what seems like years, but it's not even been a year yet. With that said, we have decided to try with a surrogate.  I am excited, but at the same time, I wanted to adopt since it may keep a woman from going through the hell of an abortion, and the baby would have a very loving life. I have read many posts and blogs, and I have learned so much. No matter what your story is, or the future you are facing, I wish each of you the very, very best. I can't wait to hear the melody of my own child crying for me to pick him or her up to feed, change, etc. Adoption is a very beautiful thing when it works, but the wait and not-knowing when it will happen,  is so very hard. To any of you that are giving the gift of life and love that a child will bring to an adoptive couple, you should know there is a very special palce for you in the heavens. You will never know what that will mean to someone that can't have children.  Many blessings to you all.