In January 2010 I had my first normal period after my miscarriage that happened in December 2009. I spoke to my doctor about it all and she informed me that after having a miscarriage, when I got my first normal period, my hormones were back to normal and I would be able to conceive again and stuff. With that said, here's the story.

On December 26th, I moved to Calgary, AB, Canada. Shortly after my boyfriend followed on February 10th, 2010. We didn't plan on sleeping together until the 14th, but we did happen to get carried away. We were partially protected -meaning, we started unprotected and then he put the condom on after- the one thing we were unaware of though, was that pre-ejaculation can get a girl pregnant too. So it
really didn't matter in the end.
I was supposed to be getting my next period on February 24th, 2010 and I am always regular. No less
and no more. I ended up getting my period on the 18th of Feb and it was lighter than normal. Virtually
painless and ended on the 21st! Never in the 9 years that I've had my period have I had one that was less then 8-9 day -except my VERY first period, when I was 10. When it had stopped, it was as if I had
never bled!
I know it's only Monday today, but when I first got pregnant, I was noticing changes within the first week
and the second week the most, then it calmed down and got worse and it was just all over the place. Any
ways, with that said this week, I have been feeling quite weird. Here is a list of the things I've been feeling! 1. Headaches
2. Dizzy Spills
3. Never feeling full - always eating something! 4. Slight cramping in my lower abdomen on the right side mostly
5. Trouble getting to sleep at night
6. I get depressed easier with random bursts of energy and happiness
7. My nipples get sensitive and then are fine randomly through out the day
8. The veins in my nipples are more prominent at times and not as prominent at others
9. I have days where I am constipated and then others where I can't stop going #2
10. I am feeling bloated - which has NEVER happened before, except my last pregnancy
11. I feel pregnant
12. My lower back is beginning to hurt
13. Fatigue - I can sleep 6hrs., 8hrs, or even 10+hrs and I'm still always exhausted
14. At time I feel boiling hot and start sweating and at others I'm just at a normal temperature
15. At times I feel nauseated, without throwing up 16. And last night I had a weird taste in my mouth
17. As gross as this sounds, I can usually handle the smell of poop or farts, but lately they make me want
to throw up and I start to gag
18. My gag reflexes are more sensitive then normal

The weird thing is, is that I sometimes don't feel ANYTHING for like, half the day and then it just it
just hits me like a brick wall!
I don't know what's wrong with me and I don't have time to go to the doctor just yet, because I work
5 days a week and the days I have off, I relax because I have bad legs, but there sure is something
going on inside my body!
Well, that's all for now, I'll keep this blog updated as much as I can! !
Dorothy H. <3