when I first discovered i was pregnant with my Daughter. I was scared did'nt know what to do.Did'nt know how to tell the guy I was pregnant by.I thought to mysef he will accept it.everything would be okay.But coming to find out I was wrong.On day I sent him a text message explaimung to him I was pregnant with his child.Later on thay night he called it was'nt what I expected. He told me I had to have an abortion right away. I cried so hard  an tried to convence him to let me keep it. then for awhlie he disappeard on me. I was lost not knowing what to do no one to hold my hand an help me make the right choice. Finally I made my mind up when I was two months.My choice was to keep my seed.I look at it as a blessing.Only thing was left was to tell my mom. I did'nt know how she would react.Finally I was brave enough.When I told her she said I was to have an abortion right away. So she gave me a choice to have an abortion if not move out her house. I moved out my mother house an into my grandmother one bed room apartment. When began to hold my head down an thought everything was going bad. God sent me a blessing my child father walked back in the picture. Everyhting start looking up for me. Then the storm really came my grandparents drug use now became my burden.It was time I  did'nt have any food to eat. They would still my money an do me so wrong.At was a down point in my life.Then my storm brighten. I found my father who took me in. I found a new loving family who accepted me being a teen mom. After going throw all that I have beauitful daughter Samia who is 6months. She was blessing that change my life for the good