The story of my life doesn’t flow as what i planned for it to be.i didnt even expected to be mom as early as my age right now.because when i was young,ive decided and planned for this things that if i graduated in college with a good job waiting for me,i will help my parents in return for the times the raised me.

but now things have change. i finally now realize that i can’t control evrything. you can’t even predict what could possibly happen tomorrow..


When i was just a kid i told  myself i wouldn’t want to have a boyfriend.but when my mom left as to work abroad and left us to my old-generation-minded grandma,i then started to rebel,,.My mom is the type of a person which if u’ll ask anything there are always some conditions.. Isnt it sucks to think that every ask you make u’ll do something first before u can get it?My mom is very different from my father.. My father has a wide and long patience.. i love my much.. He’s the person whom i run to when me and my mom had an argumentations or something she would hurt me or something.. it’s horrifying! but i get used to it..oh.. i nearly forgot to mention my younger brother who just turned 14 this day.. He’s a mamas boy. In our family i was considered as the black sheep. i just laugh when my mom tease me like that.. i just fake a smile.. but behind those fake smiles that i made.. my heart bleeds… I’m not the type of girl who usually cries i might be sensitive but i got alot of pride.. My teachers even compare me to my mom which made me eager to improve and excel more.. just to prove them im just the improved Imelda that the haven’t discovered yet. I love to study.. yes i do.. cause somehow that time they were my inspiration.. My om just ignore my efforts.. Cause she’s busy to my brother.. I respect those who respects me also…

But as the calendars were slowly torn..there were lots of changes happened.. Me at my second year life in high school starts to get in trouble.. I tried to try those things that should be avoided.. Including those intercourses,liquers,cutting classes,going to school late and going home late,watching pornographic scenes sometimes im lack of sleep and i don’t focus on my studies anymore.. I wish i could fix it.. but i cant.. Having 5 bf’s at the time.. But not all of them get all of me.. I still have some respect for myself in behalf of my messes,,, Then mom went home last year from Dubai.. I tried to be nice even im not that comfortable having her around the house..but she’s killing me! before going to sleep she always get  my cellphone.. there are lots of house rules for me! does this include not to make over myself??!! come on!And one time when we talked to each other.. She told me that my uncle predicted that i cant graduate to high school i’ll be pregnant,, and that serves a warn for me… But now. yes! you’ve predicted it right! Hre i am now.. a struggling young pregnant lady.. nobody is helping me except for myself and financially from Angelo..