Ok, I have a little vent to get out here, please bear with me! I have seen and heard many people give arguments in regards to teen pregnancy….Some have been AGAINST people like us at Standupgirl.com….They ask and question WHY we encourage young girls to follow through in their pregnancy, Maybe because they write in saying THEY WANT TO HAVE THEIR BABY, THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE FORCED INTO ABORTION….Is not this battle between life and death based on CHOICE? Forgive me for encouraging a girl to FOLLOW HER CHOICE…..They say things like, She doesn’t have a diploma, working at a fast food restaurant with a baby is hard, Why bring a child to this earth to suffer, Will your relationship last, Get on Birth Control, Oh and my FAVORITE, You should be enjoying your youth….Well ladies…Is that NOT how we found ourselves PREGNANT….ENJOYING OUR YOUTH?

Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendys, Quentin Tarantino, World Famous actor and Director, Peter Jennings, World Known News Broadcaster, How about Julie Andrews, Mrs Mary Poppins herself, Ummm, Princess Diana, The list goes on and on and on, NONE OF THEM GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!! Are you going to let someone treat you like you are the worse thing to ever happen to a baby? “Don’t bring a child to this earth to suffer”…Like YOU being their mom is the worst thing ever….Oh that makes me angry….Lasting relationships….Ummm, back to Celebrities…How about Celebrities WITH babies….Brangelina? Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman?….It is not age or children that give us the ability to have a lasting relationship, it is commitment and we are ALL capable of it…..Birth Control…hmmm, Ok So pump yourself full of artificial hormones that can potentially cause you harm, even though it does NOT guarantee 100% effectiveness to prevent pregnancy? Yep, that sounds like the solution there….(that is my sarcastic font)….Enjoying your youth…….Clearly, we have all “enjoyed” our youth a little too much when we find ourselves pregnant….can you all at least agree to that?  You know what I say? I say it with conviction and I say it from MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE…..I say LEARN A LESSON….Don’t make your baby pay with his/her life, You take the consequence, better yourself….They do NOT have grants and scholarships specifically for post abortive women…They DO however have college opportunities SPECIFICALLY for young women with children…..I was that girl, I DID have to get on government assistance, I did work a crummy job, I had two senior years BEFORE I got pregnant, My relationships DIDN’T last THANK GOD I am not stuck with those loser jerks…. I deserved and got SO much better, Oh and I got pregnant with my second kid from a second father BEFORE I was able to start taking my birth control…..See….It gives you a false sense of security, its not worth it….

I didn’t have the crummy job forever, as a matter of fact I have worked as a dental assistant and as a well rounded funeral home assistant, both WELL paying jobs, during my years as a single mom, I learned many skills through odd jobs as well, I chose to stop having sex until my wedding night, I had no idea if I would ever have one, but I LEARNED….I was NOT going to put my trust in birth control, it is NOT 100% effective, I finally accepted that I DESERVE a REAL man, One who would wait for me, prove his love and take me as his wife BEFORE he got me in bed….I am now married, going on 6 years (and yes we waited till our wedding night) I am now a stay home mom, We own the home I PURCHASED WHILE BEING A SINGLE PARENT, We are DEBT FREE, I am NOT on government assistance, I am a business owner, entrepreneur, I help plan weddings and arrange wedding flowers and bouquets, I home school my kids, and YES, I DO help single moms, I follow through….If I encourage a girl to keep her baby, You BET I will be there to help, I have helped MANY young moms learn to shop wisely, cook nutritious cost effective meals and I am known to babysit here and there and bend over backwards to help single moms…..And there are MANY MANY more people out there who want to help YOU, Contact http://optionline.org/

Don’t believe the lies….You CAN do it, You CAN succeed, You CAN better yourself, and You WILL be a WONDERFUL Mommy if you have enough love for your child to keep you pressing on….I did…Put on your blinders to the nay sayers, Prove them wrong, Never be afraid to ask for or receive help, You WILL need it, Don’t feel guilty for it…You just hold your head high and take this journey one step at a time….Just learn from this, let it drive you on a more positive path….I am STILL enjoying my youth, my kids keep me young, they give me purpose and reason and excitement for each new day…..I have just learned to enjoy it with a few less consequences…You will too <3 Much Love to all of you Stand Up Girls, Be Brave, Stand Your Ground and Keep Your Eyes Fixed at the End of the Tunnel Where the Light is Waiting to Shine on You! <3 Meg