When found out i was pregnant it was the weirdest day of my life thinking that all of it was a dream thinking that tommorow i would wake up and think lets go to school see all my mates but i woke up that day and it was their still positive telling me i was pregnant . Obviously i told my boyfriend first Owen and he was saying ” Get rid of it cos you’ll be the laughing stock the person who is bullied”  so i was always thinkin hmm should i, and in the end yes i kept the baby and Owen dumped me and went of with some other girl. I had to carry this baby for 9 months getting a new flat payed for by my grandparents who gave me it as a gift “saying we will pay all for this so you and you baby are somewhere safe to stay and now in a cramped up room at home” and for 5 months of my pregnacy i  went to my own flat all by myself. One night at 1:00am  went into laubour both my parents rushed round and took me to hospital to get ready for this baby to be delivered. I was in laubour for 3 days and finaly had a baby girl called Issabelle Grace Deacon delivered at 10:24am on the 19th June. I gave her , her dad’s last name because i still wanted him to be apart of this even if he didn’t see her thats how she would commit to him.

On the Saturday a day after i took my baby girl home, my family helped out alot that day getting me back up into shape but after that i was fine with handeling her and no longer needed to much help so i let my mum look after her 2 hours day so i could go to school for 2 hours in the morning and spend the rest of the say with Isabelle.

And now in a week she will be 1 and the time has gonee so fast and i would have it no other way because u love her with all my heart.