Well my name is Sarah and I am pregnant once again. I am having a boy and i am due august 28th 2013. I already have a 4 year old daughter i am only 18. Both of my kids have the same dad but he isnt in the picture anymore. We dated in high school and i got pregnant and he left school and i didn’t see him again till November of 2012 i moved in with him. he has never seen kylie and he has only seen an ultra sound for this baby. when i moved in with him at first it was great then slowly over the 6 1/2 months we were together it became hell, he would throw the furniture around and break my things , yell at me, tell me i was worthless, etc. I put up with it cause i didn’t have anywhere to go. He kicked me out and i now live with my sister. it is hard living here cause my room is very small and the babys stuff has to be in my room. I am trying to save my money to get me my own place but i only make $75 a week cause im a live in nanny for my sister 🙁 I have been living here for almost 2 months now and every day i grow more and more depressed that i wont make it. i am stressed all the time due to kameron( my kids father) who wont leave me alone he calls and txts me all the time and wont leave me alone on facebook either.  He has never paid me anything for either of the kids. he claims that he wants me back and that things have changed that he isnt the same and all he wants is me. even though he is dating some girl yet he calls and txts saying he loves me and only me. The my sisters kid that i watch is 10 months old and is in everything, plus im trying to work things out with my family and it just seems that no one really wants me. I know this stress is bad for the baby and i try not to be stressed but nothing seems to work. the harder i try the harder i fall it seems. Idk how many blogs iv writin on other sites and no one ever comments back and i really need someone to talk to. since i have moved i have really no friends and my sis works all the time and i really get no time to my self. plus im worried that when the baby comes i wont be able to take care of my sisters kid and my baby at the same time and if that happens i will lose my income and wont be able to save back for anything i need or for the baby. plz i need some one to talk to