I dunno what to do. Whether or not I made the right choice. Whether or not James was really proposing to me because of me and not because of the baby…I know he wants us to be a family…but proposing to me just because im pregnant is all wrong. So, I called him last night…and asked him to come to my appt. I told him it had to do with the baby(I wasn’t lieing). Anyways he came straight over. and we talked till one this morning…he finally was able to convince me that he proposed for the right reason. He stayed the night. When I woke up this morning he had made breakfast and had it sat on his legs for right when my alarm was gonna go off.  Then he bent down and moved my tank-top so he could kiss my belly. Right then, right there, i knew I was making the right choice in marrying him. So as we ate we began talking about whether or not to wait till after the baby was born to have the wedding or to have it before the baby came. Of course, i argued that there was no way in hell he would catch me in a wedding dress pregnant with a baby bump. I just couldn’t do it. The stereotyping and faces that would come with it..(my family is stupid and judgemental)….and his is well…conservative….we aren’t religious…but they believe that a baby should be brought into wedded bliss. So ya…alittle tension.
But I know I made the right choice. For me, James, and my baby.