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When I was 12 I moved to this town. It was the end of the school year, and he was the only person who would talk to me at the school i was going to. It was more of him saying hi to me and it made my day because no one talked to me […]

When I was 12 I moved to this town. It was the end of the school year, and he was the only person who would talk to me at the school i was going to. It was more of him saying hi to me and it made my day because no one talked to me or even really liked me there. Then I went away for the summer and the following year grade 7 I didn't really talk to him becuase i made friends with these two girls . Lindsay and Whitney, i spent most of my time with them but i really like that guy still and he was still in our class. I didnt ask him out intill the biginning of grade 8. It was the best year of my life. Me and my mother fought all the time about everything. He listened when i complained held me when i cryed he was the most wonderful guy ever to me. He was the love of my life although we had our rough patches adn we were only 14. we broke up though at grade 8 graduation because he thought it would be best since in the fall we would be going to different schools and i was moving into the country. I was really upset for a while but i got over it eventually with the help from lindsay. My mom and I fought worse and worse as grade 9 started. It got really bad. One night i just needed someone to talk to. So I found his number and I called him. We talked for three hours about everythign we had been doing school…and such. The next day we hung out…but he had a girlfriend so I didnt do anything even though I still liked him soo much. We hung out a few days in a row and then he tol me he broke up with his girlfriend ebcause he wanted ot be with me again he missed what we had and he was hoping we could have that again. It was almost the end of october in 2005 when we started dating again. We had started having sex using a condom and what not. Then in November I went to school and it was last period in the gym locker room I was talking to lindsay about how i was going to see him after school and what not, and this girl came up to me and was like whats his last name i told her and she pretty much broke me by telling me taht he was seeing her too and had been for two weeks. I was so mad I almost cried but i though whatever im stronger then that. So after school i went and confronted him about it. He's like no i know her but we haven't been dating shes a lier. So i believed him and we went to his house and had sex but he didnt have prtection. I thought I would be alright because my monthly came a week before. So then about a week later I was really sick…and I kinnd of knew even though i hadnt missed my period yet. The week after I missed school three days in a row and he got mad that i hadn't seen him nor was I tlaking to him so he dumped me. the end of the month came around and my period hadn't came and i waited a week. Then one night i was fighting with my mom….i called him and i wsa crying he's like another fight with your mom…im like yah but i ahve to tell you something. Im pregnant..He went slient then said he had to go. I just sat up in my room and staired at the ceiling till the morning came it was my 15th birthday adn I didnt go to school that day becuase I got barly nay sleep the night before. On the first of december I hung otu with him so we could talk. We walked down by the water despit the fact taht it was freezing out…and colder there. We talked for about an hour. In that hour he told me all the reasons why I had to have an abortion..i told him i couldnt. then we stopped talking intill the middle of the month. He was the only person that knew. We started dating again…and ingnored the fact taht i was pregnant. then i went away for christmass vaction only to find out he cheated on me again. So i dumped him via email. I didn't talk to him till the end of february. Then we started dating again. Still no one knew but hima nd I and we never talked about it. We mainly hung out had sex…walk around…and talked about everything but. Then one day i was sitting in english class and I felt my stomach move…it made the baby real… I realized i had to tell my parents I was almost six months. I told him i was telling my paretns but he didnt get the message til after my mother called his mom and he denied the baby was his. I was so upset…I told my bestfriend adn she was mad at me for about 5 seconds. Then as usual she started to plan everythign out. Our lives we're going to change majorly. I also foudn out that he had cheated on me again that i didnt knwo about but he was with this girl since february. I sotpped talking to him and focused al my attention on my friend Lindsay, finishing grade 9 and getting everything ready for my baby. We talked once before my baby was born it was jsut so he could tell me he was going away for the summer to edmonton i was liek whatever leave em alone.

Then on July 28th 2006 at 10:09pm With Lindsay, her mom and my mom present I had Elizabeth-Anne Paige. She weighed 7 lbs 8 ozs.  I waited four days before I told her dad she came and we had a two secondconversation. Mostly me telling him he had a babygirl. Then i hung up. He called me about a week after i had her and I told him I would meet him so he could see her. The first time he seen her…he cried when he held her. After that we never saw him for a month or so. He was busy with school, football and his girlfriend from the year before…and i was also busy with school and such. He seen her a whole 3 times till she was six months old. Then we started hanging out more and anytime she fell alseep when we were at his place and his mom wasn't there we had sex…event hough tiw as wrong because he had the grilfriend still. He started seeing his daughter more but he wasnt really wanting to see her…mostly me. Then in June I told him he either just seen her or I wasnt goign ove rhtere anymore. He told me no. So i packed my bags and moved to my dads house…not just cuase of him but my mom and me fought extremly bad. I was hoping that would be mine and Elizabeth's new start but it was lonly and I just wanted to come hoem the whole three months i was there. In september I decided to come back to my moms and get my own place in town. Right now I am geting my own place and I'm back with ehr dad although im not sure if i want to be becuase i always have that thought in my mind liek what is he doing when im not around? who's he with? I just dont trust him anymore even though i want to so bad.

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