Ever since I was like eight years old I’ve known I wanted to find Mr.Right, travel the world and then settle down and have a family. I’ve also dreamed of living in the city and partying every night with my friends *but just for like a year…I love the country wayy too much to stay away* …. I’ve wanted to start orphanages all over the world….N become a flight attendant that way I can travel n expirience different things….but life has its surprises…most are wayy out there and SUPER life changing…like getting a job in a different state or even country….or falling in love n getting married….OR having a baby…its LIFE…. n it hurts and can crush you n make you question who you are and what you’ve become…but it can also be soooooooo beautiful….I’m scared to death of what is coming down the road within the next five years….within the next seven months even. But I know that God wouldnt make a mountain I cant climb…not to say having a baby is easy but I think it’s going to be okay. I know my life is going to change drastically…it already has…my life has done a complete 360. The way it was four months ago is soooooooooo completely different from the way it is now. But I’m excepting that its okay…its the way my life was meant to be…I’m going to be a young unwed mother working at macdonalds 🙂 lol Makes me sound pretty pessemistic….But its the truth…But I know ima be a good mommy…It just wasnt in my plans for right now…But thats life huh…it takes ya by surprise…Sheesh I feel like im mumbling and I’m not entirely sure what im really even saying lol I have so many emotions right now….they’re always between scared for my life to being sooooo happy and excited to being mad about the way everything is going…A baby was not in the plan remember lol But hey i’ve always wanted to have kids…Sometimes I still think this is all just a dream you know…Ima wake up n not be in the position im in. But i dont think it is 🙂 N thats okay… Cuz Ima be fine…my baby is gonna be fine. I might never be the CEO of some big company or live in some mansion on the good side of town but that was never in the plan…

The New Plan *As of now*
1.Keep putting away some money for college *online is only $44 a month* YAY
2.Build up some credit that way me n Chris can buy a house in a few years YAY YAY lol
And keep pursuing my dreams…they arent too far out of reach…N I know I can do anything if I set my mind to it…And now I have to more than ever for my baby. I cant let him/her down! 🙂