Dear Lisa,

I don’t know if you remember my email because I know that you gets tons daily but my name is Sonia and I had written you in one of the most darkest periods of my life. Earlier this year I was pregnant 21 yrs old, my husband left me earlier and was living the bachelor life as a navy sailor and I just did not know what to do with my life, let alone raise a baby by myself.

A greater power or something led me to your website and as a last resort I decided to email you, and you really opened my eyes about this miracle I was carrying. You were so simple in your words yet they touched me and reached me. You said I was brave and I can do it , and I think I just needed someone to tell me.

Well my baby girl Samantha was born on the fourth of july and this little firecracker has been the most beautiful presence in my life and its funny because it feels like this is what I was put here for. I love to be needed by this little girl. I love her so much I want to cry every time I see her.

I can also understand how so many young girls are scared and get an abortion. I was almost one of them. Just keep giving your wonderful advice Lisa because all girls really need sometimes is someone to tell them yah you can do it your heart is strong. I have a baby and life is still wonderful even more because you told me it would. Im a single mother but I love life with my Sami. You feel like such a close friend and I will forever be grateful that I emailed you and you were gracious enough to email back. You a beautiful person.

Sonia 🙂


Dearest Sonia,

My heart is so full of happiness … I want to hug you and laugh. You have so made my day Sonia! I am overjoyed for you.

I bet she is beautiful and Sonia – you are such a beautiful mommy. What a beautiful gift you have given to your daughter. The gift of LIFE and the gift of LOVE.

May I say … what a wonderful gift you have given me today. A smile that will not leave my heart and my face … and a new friend in you.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you and how Samantha is. I’d love to hear all about the good and even the bad. I’m here … your friend in California.

God bless you … and please do keep in touch.

Luv Lisa