here in the town of north cotabato philippines,seldom of young ladies got pregnant. cause all that bared in there minds was to study for their better future. me as thre grandaughter of a retired well knowned  math teacher has the opposite forte in the firld of academics.. in short i hate math!.. cause i was intend in arts.. well it doesnt matter anyway.. perhaps God gave me this talent to show the other skills of our family..but i didnt used it to protect me,,,… i let myself deceive by evil.. i was weak,.. i even failed God.. And now im asking myself ..”why it happened to this?”

but i still consider myself lucky to be dropped in thuis position where i am now.. why? cause now i know the dirt of my parents..their bad sides,.. i secretly revealed it..

well..i started to like babies when a close aunt / friend of mine gave birth to her first baby girl which was my godaughter also. having a godaughter mean alot to me,. i love her like my own child…. and also an aunt of mine gave birth to a baby boy,our house was not too far from them so i got a chance to play with him and look after him akso which made me more interested.. but it never came into my mind to have mine also,, perhaps it was the reason why i let myself be pregnant even if i know i havent took pills after making love with angelo.. i think its my time to have my first it took many days for me to accept that in pregnant.. i just cant believe it that im carrying my own baby now,.. that whatever i ate he/she also take it.. thats why right now i am concious of whatever i on focus of my baby’s coming..and perhaps after giving birth everything will turn into something more interestng.. i am just so excited to carry my own look alike,,.:)pregnant teens dads plea