pregnant studentI grew up in a military family, and for the longest time teen pregnancy wasn’t something that I was very aware of. Truthfully, sex was something my parents didn’t talk to me about themselves. I had to teach my self pretty much anything or find it out somewhere else.

The first time I really learned anything about teen pregnancy was when I was 13. My older brother had been with a girl for awhile, and she ended up pregnant. She later ended up having a miscarriage. The happened to my brother, again, 2 years later.

At the time of the first miscarriage I wasn’t sexually active yet, but by the second one I was. I was on birth control, so the thought of possibly getting pregnant didn’t really cross my mind. Come to find out, even with the birth control, I ended up pregnant.

Finding out I was pregnant was the hardest thing for me. I had always been a great student, in honors, and was never in trouble for anything. I was mommy and daddy’s little girl, and telling them at 15 that I was pregnant wasn’t something that I was sure I could do. Eventually, I did.

My mother took it better than I thought, although she still did try to have me get an abortion, and my dad acted like it wasn’t real for the longest time. Now they fully support me.

I didn’t find out that I was pregnant until I was about 8-9 weeks. I had done a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t have been doing. At the time I found out my boyfriend of the time were going through major problems, and ended up splitting up. That was the last thing I wanted. He wasn’t up for having the kid, and I surely wasn’t getting an abortion. Now, he wants to be there and is ready for what it’s going to bring.

As of today I’m 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and I’m due Oct 25th. I’m so happy with the decision I’ve made to keep the baby, even though it’s going to take a lot. School, a job, and taking care of my kid will take al ot of time and energy, but this is the journey I’ve chosen for myself, and I have to take it on day by day. I’d never change it for anything, or regret any decision so far. I’m just glad I made the decisions I have.