ugh these past 7 months have been ups and downs and twist and turns.
it is not all that bad though. even though i am 16 and pregnant, i am still fighting for my goals.  i have to for my child is part of my future that i must make wonderful for her.
God has blessed me big time though.  The father ran out before i found out I was pregnant.  It was a shock when i found out 5 months after it had happened.  My mom freaked at first and wanted me to have an abortion.  my dad amazing was calm and knew that everything would work out.  I was so worried that she would be unhealthy or hurt because i cheered for the first five months of my pregnancy and got physically attacked at 3 months pregnant.
She is healthy as can be for what the doctors tell me.  she is very tiny though, not premie but little:)
i pray that she does not have sex during high school but we can discuss that when that time comes
ive learned a lot about myself and that i am a very strong person.  it is amazing how one small human can change your whole life and perspective on life
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