Im 17 years old. About a month ago I found out that I am pregnant. 9 weeks this week. (19 May 2011).  My boyfriend is 20 years old & we’ve been together for nearly a year. As soon as I thought I was pregnant I went straight to my mom & told her, we have a very close relationship & thank god that we do otherwise i’d have no idea how i would tell her. I also told my boyfriend. We bought a home pregnancy test & did it together. It came out negative. I was very confused because my period was 2weeks late by then. A week later my mom bought me another test, supposed to be the best home pregnancy test out there & my mom, my boyfriend & I did the test & it again came out negative. Still we were all very confused with no period. My mom & I went to the clinic a few days later & they did a test & straight away it said positive. The three of us sat down & spoke about what was going to happen. Our first agreement was to have an abortion. It all happened so fast that I didnt even have time to think about what i was really about to do. We went to the clinic the next day & they said that im too early to have an abortion, I have to be atleast 9weeks. Ofcors now having this time to actually let it set n has started to change my mind.

This decision is eating me away. My family have said that they are behind me all the way no matter what my decision is but my boyfriend doesnt want to keep this baby. He says he doesnt want his child to grow up the same way he did, he lived with his uncle & then grandparents until he matriculated, he’s just concerned that we are not financialy stable to have this baby, which is understandable. neither is my mom, shes a single mom even though my sister & I are grown up, My sisters 21. I just cant imagine doing this to my baby & to myself. I do not go to school, due to personal reasons to do with step father not paying school fees so i do not have my matric certificate. Which we have made a plan to work around, i was working but at the moment im jobless, besides working for my mom. My plan is to go & do  my hair care & cosmatology course next year.  

Im in such a difficult posistion & just wish this could get easier.

I’d really appreciate any advise Or help.