Hello my name is Tina. I would like to tell all ye single mum's and Mum,s to be my story.

I found out i was pregnant at 16 weeks and my world fell apart. U see i never wanted kids. So this was a shock. I was with my boyfriend 2 yrs at the time and we had just brought a house. So money was tight and i just was not a maternal person so i thought i would be the worst mother ever. I was 27 at the time. I know u probally think 27 is old enough to have one. Well in my head any age was a no,no. So I talked to my boyfriend and i told him i would keep it. So i went on to have the worst Pregnancy ever. Diabietes, Severe back pain. I hated everything about it. When i was due which was 28th Jan 2008 no sign of the baby. Yhen on the first of Feb i went in to get a date to get induced when my worst fears was confirmed. My baby had died at full term. No heart beating. My angel was gone. I went on to deliever her on the 5th of Feb and nobody can tell u the love u feel when u hold your baby for the first time. She was perfect in everyway and i would never see her grow up, or the color of her eyes or hear her call me Mammy. Im a mother and i have no baby. She will be 1 yr this Feb and i miss her more and more everyday. So my advise to all ye girls is…… No Man is worth the love u feel for the first time when u hold your baby. So i think every woman should have a say when it comes to there kids. They are yours and will be for life no matter if there here or gone. So secondthink yer decision. Mine is gone but urs is there waiting to be loved and held by there mother…..


Thanks for reading…..