Hi to all, my name is Hank, yes I am a man. It still hurts. I am going to cut to the chase. I am 40 years old now and divorced. I was married to my high school sweetheart for 14 years and we had three amazing daughters.

 At one point my then wife for reasons unknown to me decided not to tell me she was pregnant for the second time. Our first was only about two. I found out she was pregnant when we went on a road trip through Nevada. We were in the middle of nowhere between Vegas and Reno when she complained of bad cramps and wanted me to pull over. I complied. This is very hard for me to share!! Yet I must… I thought she was going pee. But when she got back in the car I seen something in her face I can't explain I asked if she was okay, she answered "yes, lets get out of here!!", something in her tone made me scared. I turned off the car and went outside to look where she had been. I don't know why I went to look. What I found was two, yes two, … God help me this is hard!!!  She admitted to me she had been taking speed in hopes it would abort the babies..  I can not continue…  I cry even to this day for the children I will never know.