I was 21 when I was supposed to have my baby.  but i didn't. I made the wrong choice and had an abortion. i didn't know how to speak up.  I let other people convince me that, that was the right choice, even though my heart was telling me it was wrong.  It has been a year since my abortion and not one day goes by that i don't think about it. Sometimes i can not even get out of bed in the morning because i just lay there and think about what i did.  I feel so empty inside and I feel like a terrible person because of what i did. ( hopefully my story can help anyone out there trying to make a decision) MY STORY i got pregnant in feb, my due date was oct 31.  I rem  telling my boyfriend that i was pregnant just crying in his arms.  I was scared,  but then he told me we could get through everything.  I thought to my self for  the next couple of days. I am going to start eating better, and i even went out and bought a book that takes you step by step through your pregnancy.  then a day came that my boyfriend and i were really confused on what to do.  he thought about the decision of an abortion, and i thought to myself NO WAY. But the next thing i can remember is just going to go see the clinic to see what i thought. i wasn't going to have the abortion.  Then all i can remember is being so comfortable in there and i was looking at all these girls about 50 of them, all in a blue suites that the clinic puts you in.  The next thing I here is my name being called to be put in a private room and i am laying on a cold table with a suction tube lying next to me.    Then i go to sleep.  Waking up half an hour later. Feeling so sad that words cant describe.  i would take back what i did in a heart beat.  My depression was so bad after that i could not leave my apartment.  If i saw a baby or pregnant women i couldn't help but cry.  I have been seeking help and getting better but like i say there is not one day that goes by that i don't think about that WRONG decision i made that day.  If anyone out there is thinking about an abortion hopefully my story will help you in your decision making.