After months of waiting to find out what was making me so sick, I found out that I have cancer. The seizures, blackouts, memory lapses, and weight loss can finally be explained.

I feel so overwhelmed by everything that's going to happen and I would be lying if I said I wasnt scared, because I am. I've seen what cancer can do. The cancer made my aunt weaker, but the the chemo killed her. I dont want that to happen to me.

I chose to have to external radiation therapy instead of chemo, maybe it'll work. I hope so. I'm tryna stay positive, but its so hard. I've already told my friend that I dont want anyone visiting me the 8 weeks im gonna be in the hospital. I dont want them seeing me like that. I dont care if they call, but I dont want to see anyone while I'm in treatment. Not even my boyfriend. [ooops. I forgot to mention I have one now. hehe. His hame is Anthony and as far as I can tell, he's a good guy. I hope he stays that way.] Anyways, my friends wanted to argue with me over whether or not they were gonna come visit me, and in the end I won.

So wish me luck…and btw, I'm gonna be just fine.
I'm a fighter and this is another battle I'm gonna win.