About 5 days ago i decided it was a good idea to get a pregnancy test considering the fact i was extreamly late on my period. After three tests coming back positive it was obvious in about 9 months me and my boyfriend of four and a half years were about to become mommy and daddy! Right now it still feels kind of unreal because my belly still looks the same and i havent had any morning sickness yet. But tmrw i go into planned parenthood to get my vitamins and help info so i can set up my first doc appointment 🙂 i am really scared about the fact that im going to be a 19year old mommy but im sure the second i hold and see my baby i wouldnt change it for the world. There is alot i would llike to write down to get off my chest right now but i dont have time at the moment so im sure i will be back on in a few hours.