talk about a 360! i have been saying fast in my faith and praying enough for my baby's heart and mine combined. My boyfriend has really come around ; ) he rubs my belly every now and again and communicates with me about as much as he can. He has made a significant change . I agreed to marry him and I think that has alot to do with it. I still struggle with the periodic baby blues now and again but a prayer and some sleep will take care of that. As women we can't let people manipulate how we feel … we are strong individuals with something important to say, and nobody can take that from us. We have the gift of life and that is most beautiful thing in the world! when my childhood comes to taint my thoughts I try so hard to fight but sometimes it's so hard or you don't even notice it. I watch my belly grow and all that seems to go away— there is a little someone inside of me and they are going to need me to be strong and love them unconditionally. Have you ever gotten really mad at your spouse and you try and say whatever will hurt them the most in defense? we cant do that anymore our eyes have to be wide open with acceptance and compassion. trying to be the best mommy ! what do you think????