10th August – I went to my weekly appointment with the midwife and she said she was worried that my baby might be breech so she arranged an appointment for a scan to check on the monday.

13th August – I had everything packed for the hospital as the midwife told me to be prepared just incase. We arrived at the hospital and i was seen straight away and i was taken for my scan.

The person doing the scan confirmed that my baby was breech but there was also no water at all around my baby and that wasnt a good thing because i didnt even realise they had broken and then i was told i was 9cm dilated!! I had no pain at all!

They listened to the heartbeat and everything was fine but they insisted on getting me in for a emergency c section staright away.

I arrived at the hospital on the 13th at 11.00am and was taken into the operating theatre at 6.15pm and at 7.00pm exactly my daughter

Talia Louise was born!!!!


It all happened really fast but it still was the best day of my life!