dear becky,

 I am 17 and went through a lot with my pregnancy, heres my story.

My fiance' and i have been dating for almost a year we got engaged in March of 2008. We did decide that we wanted a baby.I know babies are very hard to take care of and all that other stuff parents tell you about. But my Fiance and I were total different about the situation. My mother knew  about me getting pregnant but was on our side completley she is one great mother. She supported us trough it all. After going through all the hassel my dad gave my fiance and I we moved out things were very rough for awaile. I

I went off the pill in the middle of the pack and didnt get my period for over4 1/2 months. I spotted on and off for those very long months. We kept on buying pregnancy test and they all came back negitive. Until in early august. I test on that first friday, somthing just didnt feel right I was tired and getting sick but nope still came back negitive. That next friday I took another and it was postive! Amazing,freaked and scared at the same time I told my boyfriend he was estatic.. we were so over joyed. My mother made me an ob/gyn appt. my levels they said were almost tripling.

By the fourth week i started bleeding a pregnant girls worst nightmare. On the ultrasound the doctor said somthing wasnt right. this went on for over 2 weeks. Then finally he said that i was miscarring. It was the most empty feeling I have ever felt in my life.. Something so good turned out so bad. I didnt know what to think or say.

Its been about 4 or 5 weeks since my miscarriage and all my fiance and i can think of is have our own little one around. We are waiting till one full cycle to try again. But inside I feel so lost know one really knows the pain and hurt a girl goes through in situations like these. hope my story helps some people..