On Thanksgiving I went with my fiance out of town to his aunts, it was only like an hour and a half drive there. We sat down to eat, and I started getting some major pains in my stomach, I wasn’t sure why though. While in pain I sat there acted fine and ate, after I finished I went to the bathroom to pee, well the pains kept getting worse. Finally I called my mother and asked her what could be wrong she said Braxton Hicks maybe so I tried walking around cause I heard that stops the pain. The pain got even worse, so my fiance got his little brother and our dog in the car while we told his family we we’re sorry but we had to leave. We got in the car and headed back home to drop off our dog and his little brother. We made it to the hospital finally(three hours later) and they took me to labor and delivery. I was scared to death, i’m only twenty six and a half weeks along. After hours of laying in pain listening to our sons heart beat they gave me a shot and a pill to make the contractions and pain stop. I truely thought I was going to die, I was in so much pain. After about another hour of laying in the hospital listening to our sons heart beat we got to go home cause Braxton’s heart rate was great, and he was active. The said I started having contractions because I was dehydrated. Thank goodness Braxton and I are doing great now, but I didn’t get that great of a thanksgiving dinner. -lol-