dear baby,
i’ve grown so attached to you, i think about you non-stop, i dream about you, i always want to buy you stuff already lol, but maybe it just me that thinks it may be a possibility that god wont let me have you? ughh i want to cry, i want to scream, i never know what to do but all i can do is think about you, but still in the back of my mind everytime i start slipping or forget to take a vitamin i think im going to lose you, so i panic and i sit and wait until i have enough faith to believe your there, i cry reading people stories of losing their babies, the lord knows i dont EVER want to lose you, daddy doesn’t either, you a something very precious oh so precious to me, please little baby never give up, anytime you feel you cant push on any longer just give me a tap and ill make a way but im begging you, never leave me.