No, not at all. We are mothers, just like any other mother! We are just younger, thats all. Which doesn't make us any less of a mother than anyone. We do not deserve a special name or even worship but we DO deserve respect. I know I have not been mean to any of you on here even tho you say things like "Your a whore." "Give your baby up for adoption before you mess up her life.&quot ; ect. I am always polite when I respond. Why keep being so rude? Because I am young? Because I decided to keep my daughter and NOT abort her or give her up for adoption?
I see myself as a mother. Not some one special for raising my daughter that I made the decision to make! I also do not see myself as stupid, ignorant, awful, a disgrace, or anything along those lines, so why do you guys?
Being a mother is a blessing, not a curse. Alot of you call a baby a "consequence" but that is not what a baby is at all.
A baby is a gift and all mothers should cherish them.
A mother is not something you base on age. A mother is also not some one that gives birth. A mother is some one that takes care of their children and gives them the world. A mother doesn't leave her child with just anyone because there are so many horrible people out there now-a-days. It is up to us ,as mothers, to give our baby/babies the best and only the best.