right, when i was 13 all my friends had lost their virginity already so when i reached 15 and still hadent i thought i was weird and different. but i met a boy he was amazing, kind and really fit and i feel for him and eventually it happened but then a few weeks later i felt abit weird and didnt think nothing of it but then a few more weeks past and i decided to go and find out and they told me i was 6 weeks pregnant i was so shocked this couldnt of been happening to me of all people.
so i told the boy and he shouted and said he would have nothing to do with it and that he never even loved me and told me he only used me for one thing. i felt so alone my mum and dad disowned me i had no-one, nothing. it was so hard comeing to the decision of abortion but i finally had the medical abortion when i was 8 weeks pregnant this was the hardest time of my life, i cried and cried.
but that wasnt the end of it the abortion was horrible i mean horrible, and now i do think to myself could i have done it and kept the baby but i think i done what was best for the baby i had nothing to offer the baby. its 2 months on and i still cry and i have still never heard from the boy till this day :'( but these things are for the best . i was 15 and pregnant and i didnt take the easy way i took the best way.