first of all i want to say thank you soo much to becky and all the people who have shared their stories, they have helped soo much. one of the reasons why im writing this blog, is to thank everyone. Im 14 and yes i know im young but to me age is the last thing on my mind, me and my 16yr old boyfriend who is now (im happy to say) my fiance have been together for awhile and at the moment we are waiting

to find out if we are going to be like many other teen’s out there. Teenage parents.


i was soo scared at first and so was my fiance, but after i found your site and started reading the many stories and blogs from the sisters, i felt courage and strength i showed it to my boyfriend and he is no longer having doubts or fear. We have come to realise that our best option is to give our child the life it deserves and we will do whatever we can to make that happen, by the time the baby will be born i will be nearly 16.

this baby will never be classed as a mistake, only an unexpected miracle, a gift from god.

im going to break the news to my mum and then tell my dad, and see how they take it, i know for a fact they will be very very angry and dissapointed, but at the end of the day my baby is depending on me. as its mother, and now is the best time to stand up for my child and for myself and ofcourse my fiance.

i know we will be great parents and i will continue in school soon after the baby is born and i will then go onto college and study the right courses to hopefully either achieve my dream of working in theatre or open my own beauty salon.

i just want to say to all the young mums/ parents/dads to be.. be strong and you can achieve your dreams you will just have your child to help you along the way, and your baby is an unexpected miracle either way, and its depending on youu.


much lovee