My girlfriend and I are both 16. We both attend highschool and I am in football. I have a 3.9 GPA and was planning on attending college and becoming a pharmacist. Today, July 31st, she had a positive result on a pregnancy test. I've went through and told my mom. I couldn't hold back the tears knowing that I have let down so many of my family member's that have been so supportive of my success and acheivements. My mom asked what I was going to do with my options, being abortion, adoption, or parenthood, and I told her that abortion was out of the question. As for adoption, I could live with that, but I dont know if my girlfriend could after 9 months of pregnancy and having to let it go. I couldnt live with myself if I hurt her that way. I will talk with her more about what SHE wants to do and than plan from there. I just wanted to get some advice and some feedback. Realistic advice is neccesary I cant be in denial or anything.

 Some questions:

– If we chose Parenthood could I still finish school and move on to college?   – Is there anyone with success story after being a teen parent?                      – What do I do if I dont have that nice of a father and he would flip if I told him?                                                                                                                           – My girlfriend wanted to know if its selfish to hope that its a boy? Because my mother just gave birth to my little brother, Jaiden, and if our child was a boy we would have baby equipment already for him. I told her that its not selfish or wrong to hope for a certain gender, but whatever you do get you have to love and treat like it should be treated.                                           – How should I cope with my family being disappointed?                                  – Should I quit this football season (its just starting but my girlfriend might only be a month pregnant.) and just get a job or should I play it out and than get a job in late November?                                                                           – And if anyone has any other advice, tips, information, or anything, will you please tell it to me?