I am starting to get so stressed out but it's pretty much only about the damn kittens. I mean I love them and all, they're so much fun and so cute but they will start going to the bathroom soon and since they live in my room I'll have to have a litter box in here. With a baby. Oh my god that sounds so horrible when you really put it into words, I've done research, toxoplasmosis is something that affects pregnant woman, it  is super rare in domesticated cats and it lives in their feces, it takes five days for it to become affective and it always suggests you should avoid cleaning the litter box while pregnant or if you have to, use gloves and a mask. But how about when baby is born??? What health risks does it pose then? I know I would clean it all the time and (well actually I would make my Mom or boyfriend) but I still feel like it's dirty and unsanitary…no matter how clean you make it. I need to do more research on it and talk to my doctor about it but has ANYONE been in this same situation and have any advice? Or just have any advice without being in this situation?? I'm panicking because my baby is only nine days away and I feel like I am messing up already. What should I do????